Changes To Look For at Kirby Pines

Happy Easter everyone! After a slow start to springtime weather, we can at least rejoice that the month began with Easter. Also beginning this month, Medicare will start mailing new cards that do not disclose Social Security numbers.

In an effort to protect against identity theft, Medicare has been preparing to replace everyone’s Medicare card with a new one that includes a unique eleven-digit Medicare identifier – rather than your Social Security number. The agency will begin sending new Medicare cards to all Medicare beneficiaries between April 2018 and April 2019, with the time frame based on each state. The first wave of cards will be mailed from April to June of this year to people living in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. Tennessee will not begin to get new Medicare cards until after June 2018.

New cards will come automatically, so there is nothing you need to do, other than to make certain that the Social Security Administration has your current mailing address. Beware of scam artists regarding the new card – there is no cost for the new card and Medicare will not be calling you for your Social Security number or address, or bank account information. Again, new Medicare cards will automatically be mailed to Tennesseans after June 2018.

The new card will not change your benefits and you can use it as soon as you receive it. Once you have received your new Medicare card, please notify the Administration office, as we will need your new eleven digit Medicare identifier to bill Medicare.

Going Above and Beyond at Kirby Pines

The theme for this year’s Annual Employee Banquet – “May I Help You?” – was meant to recognize job expectations, the services we provide each day of the year and our mission statement.

Kirby Pines has a long history of providing services to senior adults, to their families and to our employees. Similarly, our residents do also. The thousands of volunteer hours worked by residents in various groups at Kir- by Pines provide services that would otherwise be limited. For example: some provide entertainment in all areas of Kirby Pines; others help both residents and employees with their service in the Blossom Shop; and yet others give their time to assist those who are not feeling their best – by going to the grocery store for them or getting their mail. And still others volunteer at area hospitals, food banks, cultural events and churches – thus in their own way answering the question, “May I Help You?”

Over the years we have come to know what it means to help or serve you and, in turn, you have come to find new ways in which we can help and serve; such as providing a wheelchair accessible van, Wi-Fi and culinary bakery delights in the Bistro. We think
at Kirby Pines

of our residents and employees not just as customers, but as members of our family, and this allows us to enhance our service to each one.

Kirby Pines distinguishes itself by going beyond customer service – by offering one another hospitality. What is the difference you ask? Service is a skill and hospitality is an emotional connection to the customer. Simply put, great service means that the food arrived on time, was hot and had great flavor; but great hospitality leaves you with a feeling that our staff was on your side and that the Night of Exquisite Cuisine was memorable.

As we draw near to our thirty-fifth anniversary, rest assured that we are here to help and serve one another.