Always A Celebration at Kirby Pines

In just one month Kirby Pines will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of opening our doors to provide our residents with a warm and gracious environment, by hosting the annual Lighting of the Lake ceremony. And while the ceremony is a grand celebration, at Kirby Pines, it is one of many celebrations held throughout the year. We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, national and religious holidays, the list can seem exhausting at times; and some may wonder if we celebrate too much or not enough.

The fact is, we celebrate because it is important to recognize personal milestones, such as someone’s 100th birthday or 60th wedding anniversary, or 10th year on the job. We celebrate to acknowledge the start of something new, such as the Bistro, renovation of Ivy Pointe, a grand new boulevard entrance. And we celebrate when we all achieve a goal, such as zero-deficiency survey for the Gallery Manor, and being named “The Best” in the Commercial Appeal’s Memphis Most Award.

Celebrating helps us to mark a time of happiness that resulted from hard work, commitment from many and the support of even more. Whatever we want to change or achieve or have more of – be it health, fitness, or romance – success lies at the heart of it. The photo of the first residents of Kirby Pines that hangs in the Bistro is a reminder of those successful retirees that believed in our mission and dedication to service and who sought to celebrate their own successful careers by moving into one of Memphis’ first LifeCare communities. The smiles on their faces, welcome us to join in with their first year celebration, be motivated and to have a share in their success.

So get ready to celebrate again, as we create another wonderful experience with great food and great company!