Your residence. The environment in which you actually live. Pretty important stuff if you ask us. And since wants, needs, likes, and dislikes are important to everyone, we believe everyone should also have options. As you might predict, at Kirby Pines you have choices. Plentiful choices in the style and location of your new residence.

But mostly, think of your new Apartment or Garden Home as your headquarters for exploring all the services and amenities Kirby Pines has to offer, and all of Memphis you haven’t yet seen.

I love the comfortable feeling of home with security and friendships, medical care, activities and excellent food and dining service.”
Nell Martin, Kirby Pines Resident

Ready to take a look? Then what’s your pleasure?

Apartments at Kirby Pines

Apartment Homes

Ranging from cozy studio and one-bedroom apartments up to two-bedroom and deluxe models.

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Garden Homes at Kirby Pines

Garden Homes

All the comfort and benefits of living in a single-family home with—wait for it—none of the maintenance!

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Financial Fit Calculator

Want to know if an Apartment or Garden Home at Kirby Pines is a good financial fit for you? Check out our MoneyGauge.