Celebrating Our Dads at Kirby Pines

Happy Father’s Day! It’s that time of the year again when we should stop and recall all that our father’s taught us. Like how to be truly thankful and what it means to be a real friend; the importance of integrity in everything we do; and the simple things that can make you and those around you happy.

Be grateful – when people make time to write thank you notes or letters of gratitude to people who have helped them in some way, the note and letter writer, both feel better afterward.

Be optimistic – people who spend time just thinking about an ideal situation, report increased feelings of well-being.

Count your blessings – people who write down three good things that have happened to them show a significant boost in happiness.

Use your strengths – one study asked people to identify their greatest strengths and then try to use that strength. For example, someone with a good sense of humor can try telling jokes to cheer up friends.

Commit acts of kindness – As it turns out, helping others is one of the best ways we help ourselves feel better. Maybe it’s time you asked Cheryl Grimes how you can volunteer at Kirby Pines.

This Father’s Day, I’m grateful for all my father taught me; optimistic that each day can always be better; happy that I can count more than three blessings; believe that one of my strengths is writing these short letters each month; and knowing that each day when I come to work at Kirby Pines at least one resident is going to help me with a simple act of kindness – a smile.

Happy Father’s Day!