Drive through our entrance gates and you’ll find an oasis of green and a feeling of energy at Kirby Pines. Nestled into some 60 acres in southeastern Memphis, our campus and the lifestyle that comes with it offer you an opportunity to do as you please every day. To make new friends you’ll have for a lifetime. To travel your new neighborhood, or explore the world. To put any care or worry about home maintenance behind you and start life fresh.

From the Residents of Kirby

Linda and Stephen Tittle

Phyllis Mitchell

Jean and Raymond Harvell

Marilyn and Leon Sanderson

Diane Talarico

George Courington

Sally Coleman

Donna Griffin

Mary Ann Thurmond

What will it be like for you? At Kirby Pines, that’s an answer only you can discover. But rest assured, you’ll fit right in. In fact, we have a saying.

Kirby is family.

Kirby Pines Estates is beautiful. The people are very friendly, and it is very clean. They have lots of activities for their residents. They have a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, water aerobics, tai-chi, movie theater, performance theater with stage, live music, arts classes, wood classes, and a library. They have good food too. They provide one meal a day, and you can choose which meal you want to have there. The food is very good. This place is excellent.”

Are you ready to pursue a passion? Chase a dream? Accept an invitation?

Life Enrichment

There’s a difference between really being engaged with life and the world around you, and just staying busy. At Kirby Pines, we encourage the former. Because when we humans are full participants in life, then the lives we lead last longer, are more fulfilling, and the world around us is a better place for it.

Life and living here isn’t confined to our magnificent 60-acre gated campus. Though it could be. But reaching out to other people and places, bringing many of the joys our wonderful city has to offer right to your doorstep, is our cup of tea. Theatre, literature, music, movies, and the people who create them – they all become part of life at Kirby Pines. Here for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Passion? Dreams? Adventure? When you’re ready, we’re ready for you.

The Kirby Pines Garden Club

The Garden Club provides an active, outside activity for the avid gardener where each person can become skilled in learning more about plants of all types and their maintenance.

Designated areas in the 60+ acres of Kirby Pines have been set aside for specific plant species (rose gardenm iris areas, lilies, etc. bringing both beauty and quality gardening planning for residents.

Jerry and Maxie Dunnam

Kirby is Family JUST ASK JERRY and MAXIE

For resident Jerry Dunnam and her husband, Maxie, Kirby Pines was the perfect choice. “The lifestyle at Kirby Pines is wonderful—the people here are so friendly, caring, and active. There’s so much to love about Kirby, but my very favorite place—my happy place—is the activities room. I love to paint, and this room is just right down the hall.” Maxie adds, “Kirby Pines meets all of our needs now—with health care for the future if the need arises—all under one roof. Add to that the love we have felt being here and as far as we’re concerned, Kirby is Family.”


New Boulevard Entrance
New Bistro
350-Seat Performing Arts Theater
4 Full-Service Beauty Salons
4 Specialty Dining Rooms
Arts and Crafts Center with Kiln
Billiards Room
Children’s Playground

Computer Room
Electronic Locks / Keys
Fitness Center
Full-Time Activities Director
Indoor Pool/Spa
In-House Television Channel
Monthly Newsletter

Movie Theater
RV and Boat Parking
Personal Trainer
Social and Card Rooms
Stocked Fishing Lake
Woodworking Shop
Walking Trails
24-Hour Security Guard
80 Surveillance Cameras

The Lifestyle at Kirby PInes

What does it really mean to be “well” and how do you get there?


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, wellness is a noun defined as “the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.”

And there you have it. If being well is something we want, then we are required to participate, to have it as a goal, and to pursue it. If you’re ready to begin or continue toward that goal, there are many new friends and neighbors right here who welcome you to join them.

So if you like:

  • The challenge of playing bridge
  • Enjoying the fresh air while taking a long walk
  • Nurturing a garden or growing plants in a greenhouse
  • Chipping within inches of the cup from off the green

  • Discussing a recent lecture, author, play, movie, or other cultural experience you just had together
  • Pursuing your own artistic expression
  • Building your own physical strength and stamina

Or any number of other clubs, groups, classes, outings, events and experiences that fold together to form that mind/body/spirit three-legged stool we all perch on, then come join us.

We’re ready when you are.

Bill and Jeanette Watkins

Kirby is Family JUST ASK BILL and JEANETTE

Bill and Jeanette Watkins’ experience with Kirby Pines goes back 16 years. As Bill puts it, “When my mother moved to Kirby at age 80, she was able to build a family of new friends and spend time with them each day. And with the continuum of care, she was comforted by a caring, friendly and expert staff as her needs changed.” Jeanette adds, “The number one thing I would tell people about Kirby Pines is that they help residents build relationships. The care, security and lifestyle we experienced here was as good as it gets. To all of us, Kirby is family!”

LifeCare at Kirby Pines

You might not be ready, but you can be prepared.


Ask almost any resident here if having the advantage of LifeCare was an important factor in their decision to choose Kirby Pines and their answer will be something like “Of course. But it’s not the reason I’m here.”

LifeCare isn’t about enjoying everything life has to offer on your terms. It’s about being prepared for the future—giving yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your loved ones will have access to quality healthcare if ever needed.

Choosing LifeCare at Kirby Pines means if your health needs change, you have the option to move between independent living, assisted living, memory care, and skilled health care, so you can remain close to family and friends. With LifeCare, you’ll be shielded from rising health care costs, have priority access to all our healthcare services whenever the need might arise, and never have to leave Kirby Pines for healthcare reasons.

In short, if you ever need care, you’ll already know where you’ll receive it, who will provide it, and what it will cost.

That’s the kind of peace of mind we’re all ready for.

Kirby Pines cares for the whole person; body, mind, spirit and social.”
Maxie Dunnam, Kirby Pines Resident

Culinary Arts at Kirby Pines

Right this way, your table’s waiting.

Culinary Arts

Even people who love to cook enjoy going out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner now and then. And if the time happens to be now—as in right now!—then we are ready for you.

Five—count them—1, 2, 3, 4, 5 separate dining venues to serve you. From bistro to private dining, from a sandwich and a soft drink to the gourmet experience of award-winning, chef-prepared cuisine, you’ll find what you’re looking for. And of course, friends and family are welcome to join you! Just let us know and we’ll set a place for them, too.

Mealtime here is all about us being ready for you when you’re ready to eat.

Area Attractions near Kirby Pines

Have you really seen it all?

I love Kirby Pines as its employees are friendly, warm, pleasant, good-natured, offering a variety of activities, good food making, it’s a great place to live!
Bob Field, Kirby Pines Resident

Area Attractions

Okay, let’s be honest. Even if you’ve lived in Memphis all your life, have you really seen it all? Well, if you can check off this entire list, then maybe you have. On the other hand, there might be a whole bunch of destinations not far from our (soon to be your?) front door. So if you’ve thought about going, talked about going, always meant to go, but never quite got there—now is always a good time to start. Get ready to have some fun.

You get the idea. So, ready, set, go. Let’s get started!

Retired woman at the Kirby Pines café

When residents moved to Kirby Pines, Promises were made.

And today, we’ve kept them.

Hear residents reflect on how Kirby Pines continues to bring them safety, security, beauty, and a strong sense of community to their lives, even during uncertain times.