This World is Not My Home

Reflections by Maxie Dunnam

Stairway into the clouds

IN my growing up years in rural Mississippi, we sang a lot in our worship. Many of our songs focused on salvation; especially judgement, and life after death. I can still remember, and often when I’m alone, I sing some of those songs. 

When We All Get to Heaven 
I’ll Meet You in the Morning 
This World is Not My Home 

There was a season in my theological journey when I snickered at some of those songs…the imagery was so literal and the emphasis on heaven, so “sentimental.” I’m grateful that portion of my journey didn’t last too long. Today, I sing joyfully. 

This world is not my home 
I’m just a-passing through 
My treasures are laid up 
Somewhere beyond the blue 
The angels beckon me 
`From heaven’s open door 
And I can’t feel at home anymore. 

Since Eden, we have never known a world without sin, suffering and death. For Christians, “new persons in Christ,” our faith is certain: this world, is not our home. It is not all there is. Jesus didn’t fumble with his words. He talked about a place “with many rooms’ to which he was going to prepare place for his friends, “that you may be where I am.” (John 14:13) 

Pilgrims is a good label for Christians. This earth, as it is, will never be our home. But think of it…a new heaven, and a new earth. Though our eternal home is not presently on earth, God’s promise is that, “in heaven,” we will share in creating a new earth

Why don’t you sing it with me, 

Just over in Glory-land 
We’ll live eternally 
The saints on every hand 
Are shouting victory 
Their songs of sweetest praise 
Drift back from heaven’s shore 
And I can’t feel at home 
In this world anymore. 

-Maxie Dunnam