Cherishing Easter Memories at Kirby Pines

Happy Easter everyone! The community and grounds look so festive with all the blooming spring flowers and many Easter Lilies growing in pots and gardens.

As we prepare for this holiday, I asked a few employees to tell me about some of their special memories surrounding Easter. As you would imagine, many began by telling me a story that had to do with going to church with their family.

Martha Fitzhugh, Resident Services Coordinator, showed me a picture of her in a dress her mother lovingly made for her at age three. You can tell in the photo that Martha is loving proud of not only the dress but of the fluffy white bunny purse she is holding. 

Calvin Sims, Director of Security, shared with me that his mother died when he was just four years old, and when Easter came around his brother and sister bought him a white suite to wear to church. Afterwards they took him on an Easter Egg hunt. To this day this is one of his happiest Easter memories.

Michael with his sister and mother on Easter

Of course, not all memories involved a trip to church on Easter Sunday. I can recall the first time I received a chocolate bunny. It was huge, or so I thought and I didn’t know where to take the first bite. The ears, the feet, the nose? Although I don’t recall where I started, or how long it took me to devourer the bunny, I am reminded of it every day, as that photo of me, my sister and mother has been in my office these past 20 years.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines