Always Making a Difference at Kirby Pines

The beginning of the fall season is a great time to reflect on the variety of events we enjoyed during the summer months and to anticipate those ahead. And what better way to begin than by acknowledging the International Day of the Older Person, October 1st. Designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1990, all countries are encouraged to enable men and women to age with dignity and to integrate aging issues into everyday life. Kirby Pines is a daily example of doing just this. Also, to be celebrated the first day of October is International Coffee Day, and as a somewhat avid coffee drinker, I may just go out for breakfast on Saturday to experience more than my home brewed coffee. 

This month we also celebrate: National Custodial Worker’s Day, October 2nd. This day is set aside for us to thank the numerous employees that maintain the overall appearance of our beautiful community; the week of October 2nd -8th is National Health Care Food Service Week, this group of employees are an essential part of our integrated lifecare services. 

Please join your fellow residents in thanking these individual employees for the time they dedicate to make a difference in your life. Along this same thought, October 22nd is Make a Difference Day – and we all have the ability to do something small that makes a difference. Let’s make sure we start the fall season by making a positive difference at Kirby Pines Lifecare Community. 

If you’re looking for a new experience, don’t forget to join in on the fun of a tethered hot air balloon ride during our annual Fall Festival late this month. And if you are looking forward to a truly gastronomical experience, be sure to make reservations for the last Exquisite Cuisine meal of this year on October 27th.


Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines

Consider This

Do you routinely follow an exercise program? — Great! If not, you may want to start. Some of the benefits of regularly exercising include:

Delaying or preventing the onset of disabilities or diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and osteoporosis.

Reducing pain from arthritis.

Helping with anxiety and depression through better sleep and feelings of well-being.

Reducing the risk of falls, the most common cause of nonfatal injuries in adults over age 65.

Getting Started:

Choose an activity that you’ll enjoy and can do regularly and gives the most benefit.

Take into consideration your interests, health, and physical limitations, as well as the ease of accessing the activity. Kirby Pines offers a wide range of classes and a variety of equipment in the Oasis. Schedule time for your new activities: 30 minutes for 5 days quickly add up to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise weekly. Incorporate four different types of activities into an exercise regimen, as they provide different health benefits:

Endurance Activities increase the heart rate and breathing. Including walking, jogging or dancing, they help improve the cardiovascular system. Try the NuStep or Bike in the Oasis.

Strength Exercise such as weight training can help build up muscles and reduce age-related muscle loss. The Oasis is fully equipped to build muscle strength.

Stretching Exercises help keep the body flexible and able to move easily. Tai chi and Yoga stretch can make a difference.

Balance Exercises help improve balance, reducing the risk of falls. Water aerobics and the Sit and Stand classes practice balance moves each class.

As each person has different health issues and medications, checking in with a health care provider before beginning is key to preventing injuries.

If you have any questions about the classes we offer or using the equipment, check with Mary Hand in the Oasis.