We’re Changing Seasons at Kirby Pines

We are in the business of “Changing Seasons.” We, as Christians, go through various seasons of our life. We lean on people, we meet challenges, we fail, we succeed. Families play a huge role with changing seasons. Births, marriages, divorce, aging, and eventually death. Many of us anticipate Heaven.

Today I cannot help but write about Kirby Pines changing seasons! A few weeks ago, we said farewell and Godspeed to an amazing man, Mr. Berry Terry. Mr. Terry’s legacy will live forever. As a prominent Board Member, he was singularly focused on keeping Kirby Pines focused and, on a path, lit by the Glory of our God. He was a historian. He shared many times with me past events and occurrences, always referencing a specific Pinecone in which it was memorialized.

I only knew Berry for 7 short months, but any time I needed advice or perspective, he had it to offer. Despite his failing health, he always asked about my wife and I. Mr. Terry would ask how I liked being at Kirby Pines? He would always say “Well, we really like having you.” I always felt encouraged by his words and his friendship.

It’s a changing season here at Kirby Pines. New staff, new residents, building improvements, blooming trees and flowers…..and so much of this is because of Mr. Terry’s attention to detail, leadership, and Love for Kirby Pines.

Michael J. Brown, Jr.
Executive Director, Kirby Pines