Thank You Dennis, For All You Do!

Dennis – he’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!! Has been seen in every hallway, delivering packages, mail, and verbally sharing the daily news. Seen in the greenhouse gardens, Hobby Shop, and in the wee hours of the morning, depositing b’day cards for surprises when residents awake. THANK YOU, Dennis! You are our hero. – Mary Ann Thurmond

Dennis, Your positive attitude and willingness to help others are blessings to all of us. Thank you for being such a great example of service. – Cindy and Fred Dabrowski

Thanks Dennis for all you do at Kirby. I would see you early in the summer mornings helping Dr Parrot with the garden growers moving and delivering plants to residents. I know you helped with the mail and packages before the holidays. We appreciate you – Donna Griffin

Thank you, Dennis, for all the many steps you saved me – and always with a smile. – Kay Daniel

Thank you Dennis for the Amazon deliveries and also for your help in the hobby shop with my woodworking. – Bob Small

Dennis, you are such a wonderful member of the Kirby Pines family; thanks for all you do! Love, Keith and Judy Weathers

Dennis is a “secret” weapon of effiency of day to day Kirby Pines life. He tirelessly delivers internal mail and packages to residents at their apartments. He is friendly to all. – John and Sally Coleman

Dennis, I appreciate your willingness to help when and wherever you can and always with your wonderful smile. You’re great and truly a blessing to all your Kirby friends. – Christine Martin

To Dennis—enjoy your visits to Gift Shop & our chats. U R the Best. – Rhetta Watkins

Dennis is our Clark Kent. He is flying around making all of our lives better. He has no telephone booth but he changes our lives with his servant heart. Thank you,Superman Dennis. – Jo Ann Ginn

Thank you, Dennis, for helping all of us here at Kirby! Your willingness and happy attitude is very much appreciated! YOU MAKE KIRBY A BETTER PLACE! – Marcy and Buddy Pugh

Dennis has been extremely helpful in the Garden Gro’ers club. He is always available from pulling weeds to hauling whatever is needed (as well and many many other things. Thank you Dennis! – Dale Jones

Such a great guy! A smile for everyone and ready for a conversation with anyone! Dennis is always ready to help with anything. He is a classic! – Janice Wall

“Helping hands” are often scarce, but around here Dennis is one of them! Thank you, for your cheerful spirit and helpful attitude. You make life easier for us, and we thank you for your kindness. – Philip Slate

Dennis, thank you for all your hard work. You are truly appreciated. – Banky and Hugh Wilson

Dennis Renick exemplifies the spirit of “Service” here at Kirby Pines. He is always good-natured, energetic, and helpful – eager to serve and to please staff or other Residents. Thank you, Dennis, for your positive attitude. You are a big blessing to all of us! – Pat and Bankie McCarty

Dennis Renick, I’m so happy to be living in community with you. Your serving attitude is inspiring and challenging. I always look for the news of our community you always have and want to share. Thank you and stay happy. – Maxie Dunnam

Dennis is such a giving person and always has a smile wherever and whenever you see him. I greatly appreciate his generosity in giving of his personal time to deliver my packages. Thank you Dennis for your kindness. – Sarah McCallum

Thank you Dennis for all you do around here to make us comfortable and happy! You are truly one of a kind guy, and we all appreciate you so much! – Diane Mullins