October is Physical Therapy Month

Physical Therapy is not just about treating the symptoms, but about restoring hope and improving quality of life!”

woman getting physical therapy with a nurse

Say hello to fall, pumpkin spice flavors, baseball playoffs, NFL, Hockey, and the holidays around the bend. It’s also a time to say hello to the art of physical therapy and everything PT can do for you! Afterall, October is PT month! 

So, what is physical therapy? Physical therapy is the art of improving or restoring function, reducing pain, preventing further injury, or decline in mobility. During therapy sessions, PT’s and PTA’s will work with patients on exercise, stretching, balance, mobility, walking, use of any assistive devices, and home exercise programs to improve safety, independence, functional mobility, and decrease/eliminate pain. 

Did you know? 

man lifting weights in physical therapy with nurse

Physical Therapy was first recognized in the United States during World War I. During the war, “reconstruction aides” were nurses tasked and trained to rehabilitate injured soldiers. 

Many of today’s physical therapy techniques date back as far as 400 B.C. Greek physicians, Hippocrates and Galen, are believed to be among the first advocates of massage and hydrotherapy. 

Physical therapy has been around for ages – and there are MANY benefits! Think you could benefit from therapy? Perhaps you are unsure or have questions. For more information on Physical Therapy and how it can benefit you, please contact your Functional Pathways Therapy Team!