The End of a Chapter, but the Novel Continues….  at Kirby Pines

On September 29th, we say farewell to Michael Escamilla as Executive Director of Kirby Pines. Having only known Michael a few short weeks, I am not the proper Historian to recant the accomplishments of Michael or what impact he has made in forging the success and reputation of Kirby Pines. What I thought I would share is the impact Michael has made on me, as we have both prepared for this transition of leadership. 

I have never entered a situation where I was replacing an Executive Director still on the job. That in itself was extremely unique. So, for two months, we were putting two self-confident, powerful personalities together, one to learn all he can in a fleeting period of time, and one who was attempting to impart 20 plus years of experience into a few short weeks. Operating a CCRC within the current climate of our economy is challenging but has some consistencies across our Great Nation. But what makes Kirby Pines unique is its rich history and the exceptional group of Residents who call Kirby Pines their home! Kirby Pines is not just driven by RCA and an exceptional and committed Board of Directors, but a community of Residents who are passionate in their faith, loving towards their fellow residents, and clear in their vision of what Kirby Pines should be! 

Michael has been a terrific host and mentor. He has shared so much personal information on residents, staff and the creation of this unique, terrific utopia called Kirby Pines. As I listen to Michael, it’s hard to believe it’s true. He narrates the Kirby Pines story like a wonderful Novel of Life. I have seen it. I have felt it. And now I have become part of it! 

As we turn the last page of this Chapter with a tear, let us all remember as we begin the next chapter, there is a lot of love, anticipation, and excitement left in this novel called “Kirby Pines.” Myself, Stephanie, and McCoy are thrilled to be a part of it! 

See you around Campus,

Michael Brown,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines