Welcoming Wellness Month

woman with exercise ball

It’s National Wellness Month! During the month of August, take time to prioritize your health through self-care, managing stress levels, and promoting healthy routines. We are past the half-way point of the year, and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on any resolutions we made, or goals we had for ourselves, and make sure we are still on track with our health and fitness. Remember when we discussed the seven dimensions of wellness in December/January? The key to embracing your greatest potential is through these seven dimensions. Keep these in mind as you prioritize your health this month!

As a reminder, the seven dimensions include: physical, social, spiritual, vocational, emotional, environmental, and intellectual. 

Physical: Strengthening and caring for the body 

Examples: self-care, water aerobics, group exercise, and regular doctor’s appointments

Social: Emphasizes the importance of social interactions

Examples: spending time with family, game play, bingo, Pinecone Painters

Spiritual: Finding purpose and meaning in life

Examples: meditation, Bible study, church service, worship service, singing

Vocational: Utilizing skills, passions, and strengths to help others

Examples: tutoring, mentoring, volunteering, caregiving, Hobby Pines Group 

doctor with patient

Emotional: The ability to cope with challenges and deal with feelings in a positive way

Examples: peer counseling, stress management, humor/laughter, support groups

Environmental: Respect for natural resources and/or a strong connection to the environment

Examples: recycling, taking walks outdoors, meditation, Garden Gro’ers

Intellectual: Activities that stimulate and challenge the brain

Examples: game play, bunko, mahjong, reading, puzzles, learning a new language or instrument

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

– World Health Organization
man reading a book

While it’s not a perfect recipe for success, utilizing the dimensions of wellness can help put your health and wellness needs first. This month, take time to focus on YOU. Are you taking time for yourself (emotional and physical wellness) to destress and unwind? Perhaps add some meditation to your routine, or a daily walk. If there is an area that is being neglected, think about how you might set goals and incorporate those missing dimensions into your routine to stay balanced. Reach out to your Functional Pathways Therapy Team to learn more about the dimensions of wellness and how to ensure you are putting your health and wellness needs first!