Preparing for Our 40th Anniversary at Kirby Pines

The 40th Anniversary of Kirby Pines is just a month away. Whether you have been a resident for ten years or just four days, you are enjoying the numerous improvements and upgrades to the community over the past years. These improvements and our consistency in delivering services to our residents has resulted in Kirby Pines being voted the Memphis Most winner by the Memphis Commercial Appeal year after year. This year the theme for our 40th Anniversary will be prayer and the color – digital lavender. 

The theme has personal meanings to each person, but it important to know that Kirby was the idea of several clergy and lay people whose prayers laid the foundation for what has become a landmark retirement community in the southeastern United States. The color digital lavender, is said to signify stability, serenity and wellness. An imaginative and creative color, the color is already embraced by today’s youth. 

So mark your calendars for September’s Lighting of the Lake ceremony, celebrating Kirby’s 40th Anniversary, Saturday September 9th. 

August, known for its dog days of summer, is hot in Memphis, and yet we can be thankful for temperatures cooler than those in the west and southwestern parts of the United States. Just 

the same, it is important to stay hydrated both outdoors and indoors, keep window treatments closed during the afternoon hours, and set your air conditioning to a comfortable mid 70’s degree. Of course, wearing light loose fitting clothing is helpful as well. 

Regardless of how long you have been a resident, or have been contemplating a move to Kirby Pines, our upcoming 40th Anniversary is possible because of the trust you and so many in the Memphis community have in us. On behalf of all employees, thank you for your cooperative spirit throughout the years, and may I suggest you make some time to relax away from the hot August sun and enjoy an ice cream treat in the Kirby Bistro. 

Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines