Ballroom Dancing at Kirby Pines!

Ballroom dance is a global activity practiced by all age groups. One such group is seniors who find ballroom dancing not only fun, but also great for their physical, mental and social health. If you have never considered ballroom dance as a potential pastime, take the time to review the following benefits of ballroom dance.


While often rigorous, ballroom dance can be easily tailored to those that require a lower impact physical activity. A variety of dances can be practiced and performed at a slower pace and intensity, more attuned to your needs. This allows you to make the most of ballroom dance’s health benefits, including improved muscle and bone strength, while lowering the risk of injury or exhaustion. Moreover, the improved posture, balance and motor skills encouraged by ballroom dancing can help prevent falls and other accidents.


In addition to the cardiovascular and strength benefits of ballroom dance, recent studies have pointed to a link between the practice of dance and the prevention of disease. While reasons remain difficult to identify, researchers speculate that the increased mental activity required in ballroom dance– such as step memorization and accounting for a partner– may help prevent symptoms experienced by sufferers of dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and even chronic heart failure. 


While many activities suffer from high drop out rates, ballroom dance counteracts this by being a fun, interactive experience. Social activity is also an important factor in the mental health and attitude, and ballroom dance is, at its core, a social activity. Not only can ballroom dancing be done almost anywhere with almost no equipment, but it is at its best when done with other people. Ballroom dance is of course great for couples looking for something new; it also makes it easy for individuals to make new friends, as most dances require partners. 

Join us each Wednesday at 2:00 pm in the Performing Arts Center with Dance Instructors, Desiree McCain and Richard Bishop.