Mom Says Everything Is Okay 

Reflections by Maxie Dunnam 

I was spending the night in the hospital room with my mother. Fifteen years before, she had won a tough, ravaging battle with cancer. Now it had struck again. 

She had had a mastectomy that morning and had been sedated all day. In the middle of the night 1 was dozing, but her stirring brought me to alertness. I had the feeling that she wanted to talk, and that she wanted to talk about real things, not just make time-passing conversation. How did she feel? What was she thinking? There was a lot of deep sharing. 

I hope l never forget that night and what she said. “When you give your life to the Lord, Son, everything has to be all right—-no matter what happens.” 

lt was her way of expressing confidence that she was okay in God’s hands. She had known God’s love and care in the past, and she could trust him now. 

That night, Momma taught me that trust is a verb. We trust by relying on God to be true to his promises. At our age, here at Kirby, we trust God’s promise, “I go to prepare a place for you,” and we “ready ourselves” to claim that place. 


Wednesday, May 4 | 6:30 pm – Reverend Jimmy Latimer

Thursday, May 5 | 6:30 pm – Reverend Jimmy Latimer 

Friday, May 6 | 6:30 pm – Glory Land Singers

May Vesper Services | 6:30pm | Performing Arts Center 

-Maxie Dunnam