Congratulations to Our Employee of the Month: Donald Grear

Donald Grear

Transportation Driver

Describe your family: Wife Sheri, kids Ben & Betsy, grandchildren Sophie, Huxley, Harrison & Miles.  

Describe yourself in five words: Loving, funny, inquisitive, passionate, dependable.

What do you do for fun: Follow my grandchildren, listen to music, watch documentaries, workout. 

Do you have any hobbies or interests: Researching my genealogy and writing.

What is your favorite food: Tacos.  Favorite song: Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin. 

What is your favorite thing about your job: Talking to the residents. I never knew my grandparents, so they are the next best thing. 

What is something you are proud of:  Helping raise exceptional children who are loving, helpful and good friends to their friends. 

What would you like people to know about you:  During my 35 years producing television programs and custom videos, I have traveled to every state except North Dakota and Alaska.

Donald has been taking on the added duties and responsibilities of Transportation Supervisor since the position has been vacant. He is very friendly and always has a good attitude. Don has been making the schedules, assisting with the delivery of packages to residents and taking care of the transportation needs for residents and employees. We are proud to have him. 

– Michael Escamilla, Executive Director