Spring Is Finally Here at Kirby Pines

Spring is finally here! At least it will be here officially on March 20, 2022. It will be a true joy to have warmer weather, a nice breeze on a bright sunny day, and to see the budding of trees on our beautiful Kirby Pines campus. In fact, the beauty of our campus will make the additional six weeks of winter Punxsutawney Phil predicted seem worth it. The sight of daffodils, irises, and azaleas in bloom will be a treat for all of us to enjoy. In fact, one of the first nice warm days of spring will be the perfect time to take a stroll outside along the many walkways as new blades of green grass come up.

Speaking of green and purple, the first day of March is Fat Tuesday, so get ready for a fun filled day. Followed by another fun filled day on the 17th as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with good Irish food in the dining room, and the “wearing of the green” by residents and staff.

Maybe one of us will even be lucky enough to find the elusive “pot of gold”, that one of the little people has hidden at the end of the rainbow after one of the spring rainfalls.

Spring is also a good time to clear out your closets of stuff no longer used or needed, and to give those items to a local charity. Kirby has been collecting unwanted eye glasses for several years now, and these always go to use as they are repurposed and given to individuals in need. If you have any eye glasses you want to donate, there is a donation box for them in the mail room.

When doing your spring-cleaning, don’t forget to check your storage bins for those items packed away and forgotten. After all, Easter will be here the third week in April and you will need that extra space in your closet for your entry into our annual Easter Hat Contest.

Spring is definitely here! So get your green clothes out of the closet and get ready for a joyful month of springtime festivities at Kirby Pines.

Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines