Lou Anders Celebrates Her 103rd Birthday!

Kirby Pines Resident Since 2004

On June 21st of this year Mrs. Lou Anders celebrated her 103rd birthday. She was born in Searcy, Arkansas and lived in the area on a farm with her parents and five siblings most all of her childhood. One year her parents decided to move to West Texas to a plantation, but quickly came back to their roots in Arkansas. Mrs. Anders graduated high school in Searcy and went on to get married. After a year of married life in Searcy, her and her husband moved to Memphis. Mrs. Anders began working and attending school in the evening. She started at Memphis State but soon transferred to Tennessee where she eventually graduated with a degree in accounting. Mrs. Anders worked for John Morrell and Company for 34 years prior to retiring with her husband. Mrs. Anders husband was an Army veteran who also worked as a route manager for American Bakeries. The couple were married for 52 years. They never had any children, but had numerous nieces and nephews they treated as their own.

Throughout life, and especially during retirement, Mrs. Anders developed some hobbies of her own. She is very well traveled. Together with her husband, they visited every state in the union. Since then, she has also traveled abroad to numerous areas including Rome, Greenland, Norway, Germany, and all throughout Europe. When not traveling, she enjoys painting and woodworking. She says if you show her something and let her measure it, she could make it. Prior to the pandemic, she was also an active member of Highland Heights United Methodist Church. She spent many hours there involved in all the activities they offered. She enjoyed volunteering at the church and with local charities. She says that one of her proudest moments was working with Each One Teach One and watching students grow and succeed.

Lou with her family at her 103rd Birthday Party

Mrs. Anders moved to Kirby Pines in August of 2004. She has enjoyed her years here and has been active in several of the clubs throughout her time. For many years, she led the Uplifters Circle Bible Study. She also led the Garden Club at Kirby Pines and is a lifetime member of the Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs. Mrs. Anders still gets out and about and is looking forward to Monday Night Bingo and the Rhythm Band. She said the best part about moving to Kirby Pines is the friendship of other people, everyone is so friendly. The activities and entertainment are great. Kirby Pines is a good place for anyone to be.