Take a Ride on The Nustep

Have you visited the Oasis recently? Exercise has been proven to improve physical and emotional health for people of all ages.

The most popular piece of equipment in the Oasis is called NuStep; the sitting position minimizes joint stress and lower back pain. This equipment promotes a natural walking motion while eliminating impact and stress on joints. Easy to operate and adjust to your specific height, weight, and level of endurance. You can keep track of your time while it automatically calculates your steps and calories burned. The newest model even checks your pulse. The NuStep is great for helping you lose weight or improve your strength and endurance in your arms and legs. We have three NuSteps available.

We make appointments with the doctors, our hairdresser and lunch with friends. Why not schedule a visit to the Oasis 2-3 times a week. This is a great place to start an exercise routine. Prove to yourself that moderate exercise improves your health and well being. Schedule an appointment with Mary Hand, who is in the Oasis Monday through Thursday to assist you with the equipment and help you with your exercise program.