It’s Valentine Time at Kirby Pines

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just when you thought it was time to put away your favorite red sweater or neck tie, it’s time to wear red again. However, this time while you’ll be eating chocolate instead of peppermint candy. In fact, we can now begin to consume all the chocolate candy we want to without the fear that someone might scold us for ruining our appetite before dinner. After all, they too could be discovered hovering over a box of chocolate. Just be sure to wipe your fingers before putting on your face mask or addressing Valentine cards to your loved ones and friends. Speaking of cards, you can find some beautiful Valentines cards in the Blossom Shop among the shelves. 

Did you know that Valentines cards were first mass-produced in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1847 by Ester Howland? Ester took her inspiration from an English valentine she received, and created valentines of embossed paper lace, which her father sold in his book and stationery store. Her valentines were meant to be given to “one’s true love”, and for many years in the United States these were the only individuals that exchanged valentines.

Then early in the twentieth century, valentine cards began being exchanged among extended family members and soon afterwards among friends. By the middle of the second half of the twentieth century, the practice of giving cards was extended to include small gifts. Such gift typically included roses and chocolates and soon there after an occasional piece of jewelry was added to the list of gifts identified with Valentine’s Day. 

Now Valentine’s Day is associated with the generic platonic greeting of “Happy Valentine’s Day”. 

This Valentines’, whether you are receiving or giving cards or flowers, I hope my small gesture of wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day, will bring a smile to your heart. Now, let’s find some chocolate to eat.

Michael Escamilla

Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines