Advances in Security at Kirby Pines

Residents at Kirby Pines have the security of knowing that they are taken care of in all stages of life, because of the comprehensive life care agreement that is unique to Kirby Pines. However, the life care agreement is only one of many security features unique to living here.

The electronic key system at Kirby Pines – Cliq Key – is designed to record each key put into any lock. A print out of a particular lock, will show whose individual key was put into the lock, and whether that key granted or denied access to that lock. In some locations, we have installed locks that only a handful of individuals have been granted access to, and if a key is inserted into one of those locks, that individual key is “killed” simply by placing into the wrong lock, forcing that individual to come to the administrative offices to have their key reprogrammed. Our key system provides the added security of being able to track the time, date and person using the key.

One of the newest security features at Kirby Pines, is the recent installation of Mobotix Thermal Cameras. These cameras take the temperature of individuals and things passing by them, such as an iPhone, or the battery of a motorized chair, or a simple cup of coffee. These cameras then send an alert message, along with a series of four photos in time sequences, to preselected desk top computers and iPhones. Two images are sent simultaneously, one is a thermal image with a pin point indicator of where the elevated temperature is located; and the other is a clear photograph of who or what triggered the elevated alert on the Mobotix Thermal Camera. Thereby allowing us to act to stop someone who might have an elevated temperature, which is one of the symptoms related to Covid-19.

These enhanced technological devices add to our overall security, but the best sense of security, remains living among friends at Kirby Pines.

Michael EscamillaMichael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines