Chase away those “stay-at-home” blues

Retired woman working out

Exercise Safely at Home!

Are you bored with those 4 walls? Get some pep in your step. Start your own stay-at-home exercise program. Moving your muscles and joints will improve your attitude. A hormone called endorphins is released in your body naturally when you exercise. Endorphins actually cheer you up and lift your spirits. Bodies in motion are stronger, more flexible, experience less pain, burn unwanted calories, and maintain better balance for fall prevention and more endurance.

Retired woman post-workout. Safety is the utmost concern in your exercise program. If you are new to exercise, start slow, limit your first week to about 15 minutes at a time whether you are walking or following an exercise program. If you feel short of breathe slow down or stop altogether to restore your normal breath rate. You know if you are working hard enough if you are breathing a little faster but can still carry a normal conversation. If you feel light-headed or dizzy, sit down immediately. If you experience chest pain, or other sharp pain different from the usual ache, dizziness lasting more than fifteen minutes, difficulty breathing or other serious symptoms, get assistance immediately. Keep a phone nearby for emergencies.

A little soreness is normal after exercising but if you are feeling pain more than two hours after you exercise, that is a sign that you have done too much. Next exercise session be a little easier on yourself and don’t push yourself too hard.

When exercising with Live TV Channel 10 classes, gather your equipment before the class starts. Use a sturdy chair, like a wooden dining room chair, not a desk chair with wheels or a flexible back and definitely not a “lazy-boy.”

Retired man streching Wear comfortable clothes that do not bind and sturdy shoes to give your feet good support (no sandals or flip-flops or high heels). When doing standing exercises, be sure the floor is not slippery and you are within an arm’s length to the back of the chair. A hand on the back of the chair can be useful for balance support for any standing exercise. On days you cannot trust your balance stay seated in the chair to exercise. Keep a bottle or glass of water nearby to stay hydrated through your class. If it hurts don’t do it or at least modify it to make it comfortable for you.

Yoga Stretch is offered on Monday and Wednesday at 12:45 pm and Sit and Stand class is at 11:00 am on Tuesday and Thursdays. Give those classes a try or go by the Oasis and pick up a sheet of safe and easy exercises you can do at home. The Oasis is still open and equipment is deep cleaned twice daily. Use of Disinfecting wipes before and after you use the equipment as recommended.

For more safe exercise ideas check with Mary Hand in the Oasis.