Curiosity Series: Be Human. Be Humane.

Thousands of animals are neglected or abused in Memphis and Shelby County each year. Hungry, scared and injured, these animals face a bleak future. That’s where we come in. Since 1933, the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County (HSMSC) has been providing shelter, food and medical care for thousands of injured, neglected and abused animals.

HSMSC is a limited-intake facility that never euthanizes an animal for time or space reasons. We accomplish this by managing our intake, utilizing many wonderful fosters, and having a network of volunteers who work tirelessly to help us with training and promoting our adoptable animals.

Heart paw shapeWith support from animal lovers, we are able to help prevent animal abuse as well as help injured animals in Memphis and Shelby County. We are able to provide animals with refuge to recover, nutritious food and outstanding veterinary care. On average, we provide sanctuary to over 100 animals at our facility at any given time, with dozens more placed with foster families until they are ready to be adopted. And we are dedicated to giving these animals a brighter future and improving human lives through animal companionship.

An important part of our work is giving theses animals the emotional support, training and socialization that will allow them to be adopted into new and loving homes and long-lasting relationships. Did you know that all seniors (65+) received a special 50% discount off of our adoption fees? That is just one way we try to make adoption a reality for anyone that can provide a loving home for one of our residents.

From our founding until today, our funding comes exclusively from private donations from animal lovers. The cost of operating the HSMSC for one day is $4,500! The expenses of a full-service animal rescue operation are considerable, particularly the veterinary care that allows us to focus on animals that have been injured, abused, and neglected.

To see the pets available for adoption, check out volunteer opportunities or learn more about the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County, visit their website at