Quality of Life

7 Dimensions of Wellness

  1. The Intellectual Dimension
    The Intellectual dimension focuses on activities that stimulate and challenge your brain, helping keep the mind alert and engaged. Examples could include painting, journaling, solving puzzles and games or even enrolling in a college course!
  2. The Spiritual Dimension
    The Spiritual dimension involves finding purpose and meaning in life. This can be achieved through meditation, faith-based activities, yoga/tai chi or just experiencing nature.
  3. The Physical Dimension
    The Physical dimension of wellness emphasizes strengthening and caring for the body in order to stay as independent as possible. Implementing this dimension includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, and regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments.
  4. The Social Dimension
    The Social dimension emphasizes the importance of social interactions—spending time with family and friends, or joining clubs or group activities.
  5. The Emptional Dimension
    The Emotional dimension focuses on our ability to cope with challenges and deal with feelings in a respectful way. This can be achieved through counseling, stress management or support groups.
  6. The Professional/Vocational Dimension
    The Professional/Vocational dimension focuses on utilizing your skills—harnessing your passions and strengths to help others. Examples might be tutoring or mentoring, volunteering, or even caregiving.
  7. The Environmental Dimension
    The Environmental dimension demonstrates respect for our natural resources by choosing “green” processes including recycling and reusing goods. Another aspect is a human connection to the environment through outdoor walks, meditation or even planing a garden.