Let Kirby Pines Help You Keep Your Resolution for Improving Your Health!

Retired man and woman working out

Happy New Year! The Oasis is a great place to begin your New Year’s resolution to feel better. Diet, rest, and exercise are keys to better health. Kirby Pines offers many opportunities to improve strength, endurance, balance and cardiovascular health. Our four exercise classes supported by the Arthritis Foundation include Tai Chi, Arthritis Exercise (Stand and Sit), Water Aerobics and Walk with Ease (an 8-week class that will be offered in the spring). We also offer a Yoga Stretch class. These classes are tailored to your needs and having arthritis is not a requirement to take a class.

If group exercise is not your forte, Kirby Pines has an amazing variety of equipment for a small gym to exercise upper body, lower body and improve cardiovascular functions. The Oasis is open 24 hours / 7days a week. For training to operate the equipment, make an appointment with Mary Hand at 369-7334.