It Takes a Village at Kirby Pines

In September, we reflected on the past thirty-six years of Kirby Pines, and expressed our thankfulness for the “path” taken to make Kirby Pines, what so many refer to as “the best retirement community in Memphis”. In fact, Kirby Pines was once again selected by the readers of the Commercial Appeal as “THE BEST Retirement Community” for the thirteenth consecutive year in the tristate area; and by the Memphis Business Journal as The TOP Retirement Community for the tenth consecutive year.

Of course, these awards of recognition would not be possible if it weren’t for the individuals who live and work at Kirby Pines. And what better way to begin the month, than by acknowledging the International Day of the Older Person, October 1st. Designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1990, all countries are encouraged to enable men and women to age with dignity and to integrate aging issues into everyday life. Kirby Pines is a daily example of doing just this.

This month we also celebrate: October 2nd, National Custodial Worker’s Day – a day when we should all make an effort to thank the men and women in our housekeeping and laundry department for the hard work they do for us each day; October 4-10th is National Health Care Food Service Week, these dedicated employees are an essential part of our integrated services; October 20-26th is National Pastoral Care week, and we should all make time to thank our Chaplin, Don Johnson, and the numerous residents that coordinate such activities as our Men’s Bible Study group and Thursday night Vespers.

Please join me in thanking these many individuals for the time they dedicate to make a difference in our life. You can join this amazing group on October 26th, which is Make a Difference Day. After all, we all have the ability to do something small that makes a difference.

Michael EscamillaMichael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines