Take a Spin on our Recumbent Bike

Are you looking for an exercise that helps you lose weight, strengthen core and leg muscles, and easy to use? Try the recumbent bike in the Oasis:

The TRUE CS900 recumbent bike is comfortable, smooth, and quiet. The seat is easy to reach without stepping over the frame making it perfect for seniors or those rehabbing. Recumbent bikes provide gentle exercise to improve muscle strength, flexibility, posture and balance. A recumbent stationary bike provides a safe way to get a solid cardio workout; a good choice for weight loss. Always check with your doctor before incorporating a stationary bike into your exercise regimen.

Features: Our bike is equipped with a reclining seat that is easy-to-adjust and pedals with foot straps. The wheel is in front, not under the rider. Recumbent bikes work the abdominal, gluteal and hamstring muscles, helping to reduce lower back pain in a comfortable indoor climate. Riding a recumbent bike is a natural pain reliever and mood lifter due to the endorphins released during aerobic activity. It’s an excellent calorie burner, too.

Safety: Recumbent stationary bikes are safe for most people when used properly. Be careful boarding and exiting the recumbent bike. Skid-proof shoes (no sandals or slides) should be worn and feet need to stay inside the strap of the pedals while riding the bike. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after a cycling session. If you experience any pain, dizziness, shortness of breath or other signs of discomfort while riding a recumbent bike, stop riding immediately and contact your doctor.

Recumbent BikeHere are some more tips to help you avoid injury or discomfort:

Adjust the seat. When the pedal is at the lowest position, your leg should be almost, but not quite, straight. You shouldn’t have to strain or rock your hips to pedal. Your knees shouldn’t feel crunched when they’re at the top of the pedal stroke. Adjust the seat forward and back with the front bar under the seat and recline with the lever on the left.

Get to know the easy to read display panel. Begin pedaling to turn on the lighted display. (This model is self- generating: no plug) press GO to open settings. Keep pedaling at 30rpms to keep the display lit. The rider can easily change their resistance level on the electronic display (using up and down arrows) choosing from easy rides to challenging simulated uphill rides and everything in between with 30 levels.

Adjust the pedal straps so that your feet feel snug — but don’t let the straps cut off your circulation. The foot straps make riding much more comfortable and efficient than pedaling without them. Don’t pedal with just your toes to avoid foot and calf cramps. Instead, press from the ball of your foot and through your heel as you pump downward on the pedal, and pull up with the top of your foot on the upstroke.

Don’t hunch over to prevent neck pain, keep your chest up, shoulders back, ears in line with your shoulders, and belly button drawn in. Avoid rocking from side to side, or clenching the handlebars or jerking motion.

Get started. Your goal is smooth even peddling with at least 30 revolutions per minute. If you are new to exercise, begin with 10-15 minute workout at level 3 resistance and gradually build resistance levels and your time to 30 minutes.

Recumbent Bike ControlsNext time you are near the Oasis, come in and give the recumbent bike a spin. Make an appointment with Mary Hand. She will be glad to demonstrate the recumbent bike and the other equipment in the Oasis. Remember “Keep it moving.”