Exercise for Enegry

Increase your energy levels at Kirby PinesDo you often feel like you are tired or just don’t have the energy to do something you would like to? You are not alone. Many people report experiencing this issue, especially as they age, or with changes in the weather. The good news is, there are some things that can be done to increase your energy levels.

There are many potential causes of low energy levels. Some possible causes include hormone changes, medications, fitness levels, depression, Vitamin B 12 deficiency, and diet. Speak with your doctor about what the cause might be and discuss how you would like to treat it. One of the best treatment options to combat low energy is exercise. Exercise helps your body use calories efficiently, builds muscle mass, increases the amount of energy your body has available and has many other health benefits. In addition, exercise releases endorphins that naturally make you feel better. Exercise can also help to better regulate blood sugar spikes, which can impact things like diabetes and reduce your risk of pre-diabetes. Simple exercises, such as walking, lifting weights, yoga, and water aerobics are all great ways to get started. If needed, please feel free to contact Mary Hand in the Oasis here at Kirby Pines for additional information for the water aerobics classes and other group classes that the wellness programs here at Kirby Pines offer. There are also group exercise classes held regularly in the PAC. Please be sure to check out the calendar of events like these here in this edition of the Pinecone.

Increase your energy levels at Kirby PinesIf you feel your lack of energy is causing you to be unbalanced or if you feel it prevents you from doing your daily tasks safely, therapy is another great option for you. Therapists can help you work toward more normal levels of energy while making sure you are safe and progressing toward your goals.

Don’t let low energy levels hold you back. Take control of your health today and let’s begin to get you the energy you need to live the life you want to live!

Please join us March 20th at 1:30 pm in the PAC for our Smart Moves presentation on this topic.