Jack LaLanne | Live Young Forever

Jack LaLanneJack LaLanne born in 1914 was a nationally acclaimed innovator of exercise and nutrition. At first doctors thought he was a charlatan, but “Time has proven that what I was doing was scientifically correct; starting with a healthy diet followed by systematic exercise and today everyone knows it.” He was the first to include weight training for athletes, women, and seniors. LaLanne radically changed sports training. He had the first televised exercise program long before Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons. Jack also combined good nutrition with exercise, and his famous juicer was an important feature in his exercise program. Jack motivated millions throughout his 70-year career to improve their lives by improving their health. As an expert on exercise and nutrition, Jack promoted living long through a healthy lifestyle, by “helping people to help themselves feel better, look better, and live longer.” His last book, LIVE YOUNG FOREVER – is critically acclaimed as his best book.

“My top priority in life is my workout each day.” To the day he died Jack LaLanne lived by what he said to others, and did so for over 75 years.

Jack LaLanneWith more than 12 exercise classes offered each week for the residents and the Oasis open 24 hours with its exercise equipment to build strength and endurance, every resident should be able to find an exercise program to meet their abilities and needs. Mary Hand is available Monday through Thursday to assist you with developing a program right for you. Jason Sparrow and the Physical Therapy Department are available for consultation and physical therapy for anyone who has a question about where they should begin. Of course, consulting with your primary care doctor is important for individuals new to exercise.

Remember Jack Lalanne’s gospel message:”Get out of your seat and onto your feet.” Join one of our classes or visit the Oasis real soon.