Happy Anniversary Kirby Pines

The month of September is significant to many people for many different reasons. September marks the beginning of the school year, so for many of our retired teachers living here at Kirby Pines, it is a time to reflect back on the years of service they gave to so many students. For others, September signifies the end of summer and time to celebrate Labor Day. September for Kirby Pines is significant because it is the month we celebrate our anniversary.

Thirty-five years of service to senior adults is truly a feat that could not have happened without the support of residents and their families, employees and our Board of Directors. These three elements make up the team that allows Kirby Pines to rank among the largest and more successful lifecare retirement communities in the country. To celebrate this thirty-fifth anniversary, much work and effort has been put into this year’s Lighting of the Lake ceremony. Each year a theme and color is selected; the theme of this year is forward, and the color is coral. Both the theme and color are certain to add a feeling of warmth within our hearts and a smile to everyone’s face. Coral is said to signify wisdom and nurtures development. Perhaps that is why it is the traditional color and gift for a 35th wedding anniversary.

The theme “forward” represents the future for Kirby Pines and the mission of service to retirees. Recently I came across this saying:

It takes strength to be firm
It takes courage to be gentle
It takes strength to fit in
It takes courage to stand out
It takes strength to stand still It takes courage to move forward”

Happy Anniversary, Kirby Pines!