There is a Spirit Here at Kirby Pines

What a Father’s Day Celebration we just enjoyed! Truly Amazing! It also got me thinking as I was mingling with our residents & guests…..there is a spirit here. Very much alive. Very much genuine. It goes deeper than getting along or having fun together. It is something very special. I don’t know that you can put it into words, but you can definitely feel it.

Here we are in July. Weren’t we just talking about Christmas and the snow? July brings thoughts of summer heat, outdoor parties and family fun. And that is what we experience here at Kirby Pines. But, there is something so much deeper here. It is the spirit that runs through the community. It’s not just liking your neighbors, it’s truly loving and caring for your fellow residents. It’s not about complaining, it’s about participating in change and making things better. It’s real. It’s heartfelt. And every time I see it demonstrated, I am overcome with pride and can’t help but smile.

Twenty-three (23) years ago, our country was swept off in the “Spirit of 76” as we celebrated our nation’s 200th birthday. It was a very prideful and patriotic time. I suggest that the “Spirit of Kirby” is far more powerful and meaningful. It lifts people up and changes lives. 

  • It is unconditional.
  • It is caring.
  • It is love.
  • It is Kirby Pines!
  • It is HOME!

Michael J. Brown, Jr.
Executive Director, Kirby Pines