June is Chock Full of Fun at Kirby Pines

Whew! What a Mother’s Day Celebration we had here at Kirby Pines! Great Food! Spectacular Weather! The most amazing multi-generational bunch of people I have seen in one place at the same time! I must stop and thank each and every staff member for their hard work and efforts. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated staff!

June will be just as fun filled. There is so much going on to keep one “Enjoying life and being entertained!” Just like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day will be quite special. There are three (3) other activities on June’s calendar that I would like to promote.

On Saturday, June 8th, there will be a trip to Meddlesome Brewing Company to visit the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall. I’m encouraging all veterans and interested residents to come and join us in this very special tribute to our Brothers and Sisters who did not return from this tragic war that split our country and left an indelible scar on our great nation. (Please see the Activities Department for sign-ups and departure times.)

On Friday, June 28th, at 6:30 p.m. our very own Kirby Pines Kast of Karachaters (that is my name) will be putting on their very own rendition of the musical “Oklahoma.” I have been peaking in at their rehearsals. It has been amazing to me to watch the dedication as well as the fun that our cast is exhibiting every Friday when they come together for practice. It will truly be a “Can’t Miss” performance. I encourage all to attend!

My last activity to highlight is my favorite: Men’s Christian Fellowship. Calling ALL KIRBY MEN! Come join Kirby Men in sharing a great cup of coffee, a fresh pastry or donut, and some words of inspiration that can lift you up for the whole week. Join us every Saturday @ 7:45 am in the Large Card Room.


Michael J. Brown, Jr.
Executive Director, Kirby Pines