Everything’s Turning Green at Kirby Pines

Spring is finally here! Moreover, what a joy it is to have warmer weather, a nice breeze on a bright, sunny day and the budding of trees on our beautiful sixty-acre campus. In fact, the beauty of our campus makes the additional six weeks of winter Punxsutawney Phil predicted seem worth it. The sight of daffodils, irises and azaleas in bloom is a treat for all of us to enjoy. It is, in fact, a perfect time to enjoy the springtime weather and take a stroll outside along the many walkways as new blades of green grass come up. 

Speaking of green, get ready for a fun filled day as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with good Irish food in the dining room, and the “wearing of the green” by residents and staff. Allison Nolan and her team have planned some fun activities around St Patrick’s Day and throughout the month. Who knows, you may even see the “artful use of green” as fellow residents work on their creations in the Arts and Crafts room.

If you prefer a more “natural green”, then take a walk around the campus to see the beauty that Spring brings, or think about becoming a member of the Garden Growers Club and select your garden plot to seed for fresh flowers, vegetable or fruits. This club has been active for years at Kirby Pines and this year won’t find them waiting til April showers arrive. 

Here’s wishing you find your pot of gold by living the lifestyle that Kirby Pines offers you and that you worked so hard to achieve.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines