The Hobby Shop Recycles Railings

Storage Rack

Months ago when building J’s corridors were under renovation Curt Wilson and I (Ray Tanner) noticed that the old hand railing was being discarded. We suspected that the hard oak rails might be useful for various projects in the Kirby Pines Hobby Shop. Also it appeared that the discarded railing brackets might be of use to the National Ornamental Metal Museum. 

Bistro Railing

Much of the railing from buildings G and F were saved and are being utilized in the Hobby Shop by several of us. Items made so far include: the Harold Petty memorial stool, coasters, jewelry boxes, paper weights, a pedestal table, a 4-leg table, foot massagers, a large wood storage rack, an antique desktop, and replacement railing for the Bistro. We’re looking forward to obtaining more surplus railing from buildings A and H. 


The old handrail brackets from buildings B, C, F, G, J & M were salvaged and transferred to the National Ornamental Metal Museum, totaling just over 700 pounds of cast iron. Due to their shape and size they are ideal for loading the iron furnace which is only fired on special occasions. 

By the way, the corridor renovation crew has been very cooperative in allowing us to secure part of the wood railing and nearly all the brackets. 

The Hobby Shop provides a furniture and lamp repair service for all residents. Its tool maintenance expense is funded through the funds raised by furniture and lamp repairs, along with gracious donations.