39 Years of Community at Kirby Pines

This September, Kirby Pines LifeCare Community celebrates its thirty-ninth anniversary. As with any anniversary, a lot of planning goes into making this celebration one that will be enjoyable and memorable. Each year, a theme and a color is selected for the anniversary year. This year the color is Daisy Yellow and the theme is Greetings.

Yellow daisies have a strong association with cheerfulness, friendship, joy, and wishing someone well or “get well”. These feeling are frequently used to describe our community, and as a “LifeCare” community, the wishing of someone’s wellness or to get well is especially meaningful to all that live and work at Kirby Pines. Daisy flowers grow all over the world and have a long list of symbolic meanings. They symbolize new beginnings and rebirth; cheerfulness, hope and fun. Much like the annual celebration we have come to know as Lighting of the Lake.

This year’s theme for Lighting of the Lake is “Greetings”. A noun that means something friendly or a message that says you hope someone is well. Greeting is the act of welcoming; the acknowledgement and/or expression of good will. A perfect pairing with this year’s color of Daisy Yellow as described earlier in this message.

In the military a greeting is signified by a salute – a formal military gesture of respect and honor. Honor is also a source of credit or distinction given to individuals in service, and in this post pandemic era, it is an appropriate theme acknowledging employees and residents alike in celebration of Kirby’s thirty-ninth anniversary. 

So don your daisy yellow attire and gather near the lake on Saturday, September 10th to join in the fun as we celebrate another successful year of growth and service to all who work and live at Kirby Pines. 

Happy Anniversary, Kirby Pines!


Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines