Kirby Pines Couple Renews Their Vows

couple renews vows

Larry and Karen Anderson along with their Pastor Ricky Cisowski renewed their vows on their wedding anniversary, October 14, 2021. They have been married for 33 years. Mr. Anderson recently moved to Gallery Manor, while Mrs. Anderson will be moving to the Estates in the near future. As a tribute, Larry wrote this poem to commemorate the special occasion and show their love to Kirby Pines, too. 

A Poem by Larry Anderson

As my wife and I were approaching the retirement age, 
we received a book about “Growing Old”. 
We read every page. 
We highlighted the places we considered, 
both of us must agree so no one would be bitter. 
We were determined to have this task done. 
We did not want to leave it for our sons. 
We spent weeks checking out all the places. 
As we looked at the residents and noticed their faces, 
we saw some smiles and some frowns. 
Most of them were upbeat and some were down. 
We did our homework, our research and we were done. 
We selected Kirby Pines as The One. 
With sixty acres of beautiful landscaped grounds, a place 
for picnics and walking, it’s always safe with security around. 
So come and check out Kirby Pines way, 
ease your mind and be ready for that retirement day. 

wedding rings and rose