Celebrating Our 38th Anniversary at Kirby Pines

This September, Kirby Pines Estates celebrates its thirty-eighth anniversary. And as with any anniversary, a lot of planning will go into making this anniversary one that will be enjoyable and memorable. Each year, a theme and color is selected and this year the color is Crimson and the theme is Courage. 

Crimson has long been associated with courage, divinity, power, strength and importance. In Elizabethan era England, crimson clothing signified an individual’s status and was only allowed to be worn by royalty, noble persons and members of the Council. The Biblical meaning of crimson is strongly associated with humility and atonement. Kirby Pines certainly is respected in its market place as a strong leader in senior living, and is recognized for the importance it places in providing a great place to live and a great place to work. 

Strong, vivid and powerful are words used to describe crimson which is one reason the color is associated with courage. This past year all of us have had to be courageous. As residents you had difficult decisions to make and as employees we have faced all that the year has put before us. The strength that Kirby brings with its thirty-eight years of tradition, has given all of us the courage to do what is necessary each and every day. 

This year is turning out to be one of our country’s most difficult years, and yet it has been with courage that the country has moved forward with a commitment for change, in resolution to find new ways to do the daily tasks necessary to survive and come out stronger once this pandemic is tamed. 

Thus, our thirty-eighth anniversary will celebrate the hard work that has brought Kirby Pines to where we are today, and where we will together, move forward to in the years ahead. 

Michael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines