Remember That Someone Cares

Over a year ago, Berry Terry initiated a ministry called Remember That Someone Cares.(RTSC)…..the purpose of the ministry was to focus on our residents with cards and/or visits to celebrate their birthdays and to give encouragement. A list with 12 names was provided each month of suggested individuals who were especially in need of our love and attention. 

It soon became obvious that RTSC needed to focus on those in our Medical Areas, which on any given day houses approximately 150 people…..

The Villa, Providence Place, Job’s Way and The Manor. From time to time, residents in Independent Living were also included.

Some of our ministry participants preferred to visit and some enjoyed sending cards….but in March that all changed. Although, we could no longer visit the Medical Areas due to the coronavirus, cards became very important…. especially since so many felt isolated without interaction with friends and love ones.

A special “THANK YOU” to our RTSC Members:

  • Shirley Anderson
  • George Courington
  • Cindy Dabrowski
  • Jackie Gunther
  • Peggy Hogan
  • Lucy Inkster
  • Tinian Malloy
  • Lou Moore
  • Carol Odom
  • Charles & Laura Parrott
  • Ann Peyton
  • Bill Sayle
  • Sylvia Statham
  • Betty Terry
  • Alice Walton
  • Joy Wright

And our newest Members,
Martha Gardiner and Madonna Langford

If you would like more information about RTSC, please contact Cheryl Johnson. The need is so great these days and your help would be greatly appreciated and such a blessing.