This Is How We’re Enjoying Our Days!

We asked residents what they were doing to enjoy themselves while social distancing. Here’s what they said!

I have always been a Plan A, B, or C person when making plans, but was disappointed to have to cancel a reunion with four college friends in April, but when saving lives becomes more important, these were minor inconveniences”.
– Jean Mauney

I have read more books since our “confinement“ thank you to the Kirby library. I exercise in my room by watching Mary Hand on TV and I can still go to the Oasis. Talk to my children daily. And most of all we can still have Church services in our room via TV. Thanks to Kirby pines I can stay busy!”
– Billie Ratliff

Playing cards with friends. Getting a massage (for medical
purposes) from my daughter!”
– Jeannie Hutchinson

It has been my joy to diligently work on a project which has been rolling around in my mind for 8 months. With the help and skills of Jean Saunders getting me on track we are about to see the beginning of the end of the work.”
– Janice Wall

Sending Texts and Emails to family and friends, checking on them. Writing notes and cards to encourage me and others. Struggling to stay 6 feet apart, playing mahjong with friends Working in Blossom Shop. Ordering groceries for some shut-ins. Determining to stay positive, patient and depending on God to take care of us. Being thankful for Kirby Pines and the staff and all who work here to keep us safe.”
– Sydney Wagner

I decided this was a good time to change my closet from winter clothes to Spring and Summer. Now all my blouses, pants and jackets are hanging neatly and color-coordinated. After that it was time to rearrange and donate all those things in my storage unit that I thought I couldn’t live without. LOL!”
– Joyce Read

I have been working from home rather than going to the office. I am exercising with Mary Hand’s exercise class on Channel 10 on Tuesday and Thursday. We are watching movies on Channel 10. Am thankful to be able to hear Don Johnson’s Uplift Messages and Brian Odhiambo on the piano. What a blessing! If you will stop and think, believe you will agree there are more pluses than minuses in staying in.”
– Donna & Doug Paine

Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean we still can’t have our dessert and coffee time with our neighbor, we just have to keep our distance!”
– Suzanne & Mike Hufnagel

I am truly enjoying the exercise classes (which I never attend at the big house) having them on my TV so I can do them regularly. That is such fun and something I never would do if I had to go up there. I just wish more people would stay in their apartments and take advantage of the wonderful in-house television service we have!! Thank you for this lovely privilege.”
– Sylvia Statham

We have found relief from the boredom by walking, in the morning, afternoon, and after dinner. Wonderful way to get away but remain on the property. Lots of opportunities to share thoughts and feelings. And as relatively new residents, provides chances to make new acquaintances. Have created lots of memories by taking photos around the grounds as Spring has arrived.”
-Jeanette & Steve Martin

Bob watches more TV than usual but also works at his computer. He does all the bookkeeping for us. I still have my regular chores, plus I have picked up my art again. I practice music on several instruments; as well connecting with old friends either by email or phone. I write a blog once a month and do my daily bible study. I am never bored.”
– Barbara & Bob Hyland

I started a group text to my eleven grandchildren and their families. It has been a wonderful experience!”
– Barbara Lipsey

I am rediscovering my extensive movie library.”
– Caroline Thomas

I am reading, watching more movies on TV, calling out of town family-staying inside Kirby.”
– Estelle Horn

I play the piano, read until I “fall off the page”, read emails, and occasionally do a Spotlight article for the Pinecone. I enjoy walking outside and admiring the beautiful grounds. I am getting increasingly lazier and the apartment is getting increasingly dirtier. However, I have plenty of time to focus on our singing group, The Entertainers in planning future programs. How I miss our singing together each week!”
– Joan Dodson