Curiosity Series: Growing – One Snack At A Time.

Monogram Foods

About Monogram Foods

Founded in 2004 with the purchase of King Cotton and Circle B brand meats from Sara Lee Corporation, Monogram Foods manufactures and markets top-quality food products. Among these are a full range of meat snacks, corn dogs, pre-cooked bacon, smoked sausage, baked goods, appetizers, and other value-added meats. Monogram Foods’ brands include King Cotton, Circle B, Wild Bill’s, O’Brien’s, Trail’s Best, Hannah’s, Bull’s, Snapps and licensed brands, Johnsonville, Butterball and Team Realtree. Monogram Foods is a major co-packer and private label provider for strategic partners throughout the nation. Monogram Foods is headquartered in Memphis, TN and operates facilities in Virginia, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

Monogram now has over 3,000 associates nationwide. Next year they project to go over 1 BILLION in sales. Wes Jackson and Karl Schledwitz started in Memphis with eight associates and are still headquartered here now with over 125 local employees, including the sons of residents, Pat Cavender and Margaret Bivens, featured on ours covers. They are privately owned with over 130 shareholders most of whom are from Memphis. They locally own and sell “King Cotton“ meats, a full line of hot dogs, sausages, bacon and luncheon meats and “Circle B“ smoked sausages.

Kirby Pines residents visit Monogram Foods as part of our new Curiosity Series
Kirby Pines residents visit Monogram Foods
as part of our new Curiosity Series

Monogram’s Mission Statement

We are a GROWTH COMPANY that REALLY CARES about our TEAM MEMBERS and CUSTOMERS so we can PROFITABLY grow together.

Monogram’s Valued Behaviors

  1. Gratefully provide best service to our customers
  2. If we say it, we do it
  3. Keep quality and safety at the forefront
  4. Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit
  5. Value candor “done right”
  6. Celebrate our successes
  7. Give back to the communities in which we do business
  8. Promote Positive Energy
  9. Embrace Diversity

Monogram Foods Local Office is at:
530 Oak Court Drive, Suite 400 • Memphis, TN 38117