Resident Spotlight: Barbara Logan

Barbara Logan

A Ray of Sunshine

Roll out the welcome mat! This is the current mantra of Barbara Logan. Although she says Kirby Pines is a friendly place, she would like to see more visiting and socializing in each other’s homes. “I think our homes offer an opportunity to really get to know each other better and to form special friendships”, says Barbara. To know Barbara is to feel that optimism and joy radiating from her. Perhaps this stems primarily from her strong faith in God. She currently worships with Germantown Presbyterian Church.

Barbara moved to Kirby Pines from Colorado Springs in 2016. She chose Kirby Pines over other places because of the “happy atmosphere” and the numerous opportunities to interact with other residents. Barbara quickly entrenched herself into all things Kirby and has formed many friendships. One of her friends said, “I was drawn to Barbara because she is always positive and I love her infectious laugh! Overall, she is a very fun friend”. When Barbara was asked what she liked most about living at Kirby, she replied, “I like Kirby because it is a happy place and I appreciate the excellent medical care I receive here”.

Certainly, many of Barbara’s characteristics were formed from her childhood. Born in a small town in Louisiana, life was hard but idyllic. Summers were spent climbing trees, riding bicycles and horses (bareback) and using her imagination to make up games to include as many children as possible. She recalls being talked into eating a green persimmon. One time was enough! Because both her father and mother were teachers/principals, there was no income during the summer months. Life was sustained with the family garden and a tight budget.

At the age of eleven, Barbara, along with her parents and younger sister, Elizabeth, moved to Ruston, Louisiana. It was here, at Louisiana Tech, Barbara graduated with a B.S. in Education and met the love of her life, Jim Logan, an art major. After marriage, their first move was to Nashville where Jim had a scholarship to the prestigious Vanderbilt George Peabody College. After graduation, Jim joined the U.S. Air Force.

Eventually, after living in various places, including outside the states, the family moved to Colorado Springs for Jim to serve at the Air Force Academy. Barbara always taught school wherever they lived, introducing her to a variety of challenges. During the midst of all this, two children, Whit and Cheryl, were added to the family. Barbara earned a Masters from University of Colorado while the youngest child was in college. Barbara is now grandmother to five grandchildren.

Barbara & Jim Logan
Barbara & Jim Logan

Barbara retired from teaching after 35 years. Her husband, Jim, retired after 20 years in the Air Force. “Just for the fun of it and because Jim was such an excellent watercolorist, we decided to open an art gallery”, says Barbara. While Jim painted all day, Barbara ran the gallery. “It was certainly a learning experience but fun”. Sadly, Jim passed away in 2000. Barbara continued living in Colorado until her move to Memphis and Kirby Pines. Her daughter lives close by in Collierville.

Barbara’s life has been very active. Living in various places and traveling the world has made her appreciate what she has. Life was never dull, from attending the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, surviving five typhoons while living in Guam, becoming rabid tiger fans of LSU, jeeping in the jungles of Panama and the mountains of Colorado. She also fondly recalls entertaining 76 USAF officers and wives as well as having private showings of Jim’s paintings in their home. While in Guam, they hosted a student from Kusaie so he could obtain a high school diploma.

Of this, Barbara says, “Through this active life that we have lived as a family, we were so blessed with being able to find churches and groups of believers that helped us mature and realize the significance of our belief in Jesus Christ and the many times we have been rescued by a loving God.”

Barbara's Needlepoint of Jim's Painting
Barbara’s Needlepoint of Jim’s Painting

Barbara’s hobbies are reading, needlepoint, baking and having friends in for fun and fellowship. One of her needlepoint pieces of the nativity scene is beautifully framed and displayed in her home. She is certainly faithful in sending notes to others to thank them or to encourage them.

Hopefully, we can learn a lesson from Barbara – that our outlook on life is our own choosing and not the responsibility of others. We are so fortunate at Kirby Pines to have someone like Barbara who sets an example of sharing, service and hospitality.

Written by Joan Dodson, Resident, Kirby Pines