Celebrating September at Kirby Pines

The month of September is significant to many people for many different reasons. September marks the beginning of the school year, so for many of our retired teachers living here at Kirby Pines, it is a time to reflect back on the years of service they gave to so many students. For others, September signifies the end of summer and the last national holiday (Labor Day) until Thanksgiving. September is filled with individual birthdays, wedding and move-in anniversaries into Kirby Pines Estates. September for Kirby Pines is significant because it is the month we celebrate our anniversary.

Thirty-six years of service to older adults is truly a feat that could not have happened without the support of residents and their families, employees and our Board of Directors. These four groups make up the team that allows Kirby Pines to rank among the largest and more successful life care retirement communities in the country. To celebrate this thirty-sixth anniversary, much work and effort will be put into this year’s Lighting of the Lake ceremony. Each year a theme and color is selected, and this year the theme is Path, and the color is Turmeric. So make your plans now to join us for this celebration on Saturday, September 14th for the food and company that follows the event, and most importantly for the start of another great year at Kirby Pines Estates.

Michael EscamillaMichael Escamilla,
Executive Director,
Kirby Pines