It’s Father’s Day at Kirby Pines

Just as in May, this month we take time to honor another person who greatly influenced who we are today, our dads. Unlike Mother’s Day, which was legislated by Congress in 1914, Father’s Day was not assured an official day until 1972. Regardless of why it took longer to formally recognize a day to honor our fathers in the United States, we at Kirby Pines want to make sure these fine gentlemen are honored on their special day.

In 1972 father’s alone planned for their family’s future needs, but in the last forty years, more and more children have found themselves involved with these plans. As a result, the children of aging parents have often not had a discussion about living wills, advanced care directives, the selection of a general power of attorney, health care power of attorney, financial power of attorney or their parent’s financial footing.

Some parents have in fact taken the initiative to include their children in their planning, but many have not. It’s not uncommon for a child to ask us if we have a copy of a will, or life insurance policy, or information about what bank their parents use. Of course, we can only share this information if given the written authorization to do so. So this Father’s Day, consider reviewing those plans you made years ago with your children. Who knows, the plan you developed over the years, my influence their plans for the future.
Happy Father’s Day!