A Brand New Year at Kirby Pines

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know you have heard these familiar words before, so perhaps a better way to begin the year 2019 is to take a moment to thank you for another wonderful year at Kirby Pines. It doesn’t seem possible that I will begin my 17th year of service to you and Kirby Pines this January.

The year 2018 was a great year for Kirby Pines. We ended the year by completing the new Kirby Boulevard and installing test LED lighting for our parking lots to our main entrance. We welcomed dozen of new residents and sadly said goodbye to far too many members of our Kirby family.

I read once that Thomas Edison discovered more than 1000 ways, to not invent a bulb of light, but eventually, through determination, he found the solution to get it just right. If he had stopped at nine hundred ninety-nine, we might still be reading by candlelight. It’s that understanding of persistence that can help us all develop more patience as we sit waiting for new and improved things to finalize.

So with that in mind, know that in 2019 we are diligently working on creating a better internet service and cable television system for Kirby Pines; along with improving our work order system and emergency response service. And by the end of the year, hopefully you will discover that we have been moving much closer to our goals. It won’t happen January first, but with faith, hope and action, we will get the job done.

The year will go by quickly, so make the time to enjoy it. Take care of yourself.

Appreciate your life at Kirby Pines, don’t take it for granted. Keep your eyes focused on the good things and let God be your guide. Happy New Year everyone!

Michael Escamilla,

Executive Director, Kirby Pines