Kirby Pines 35th Anniversary

I Love Kirby Pines
For our 35th Anniversary, we asked our residents to tell us what they love most about Kirby Pines.

The response was tremendous, so take a look and see what your neighbors have to say about your community!

I love the feeling of family and having many good friends, however, I love most of all the opportunity to re-invent myself through all the various activities available at Kirby Pines.”
– Joan D.

From the minute I moved into Kirby Pines it became a very special home to me.”
– Nita H.

I love Kirby Pines because of the wonderful people here, staff & residents.”
– Patty R.

I love the feelings of safety and security as I enter the gates, knowing that I am among those who care about me.”
– Gail W.

As new residents we have found lots to love about Kirby Pines- the beautiful lake and green space, the social activities, Friday night music in the lobby, security; but most of all the people, the staff and residents who are kind and caring making Kirby Pines a wonderful community.”
– Walter & Sandra O.

I love Kirby Pines as its employees are friendly, warm, pleasant, good-natured, offering a variety of activities, good food making, it’s a great place to live!”
– Bob F.

I love mealtime. The food is delicious. I don’t have to cook or clean up. We get to enjoy the company of others.”
– Marilyn M.

I love the comfortable feeling of home with security and friendships, medical care, activities and excellent food and dining service.”
– Nell M.

You can read plenty more quotes from our fabulous Kirby Pines family in the September issue of The Pinecone.