The Month of May Recognizes Arthritis Awareness

It’s odd to say Arthritis Awareness, because if you have one of the over 100 medical conditions that fall under the diagnosis of Arthritis, you are probably aware of arthritis every day and every night. While no cure for arthritis has been developed yet, much research has allowed medical science to improve its understanding of the causes of arthritis and to develop better treatments including new medications for pain and inflammation relief. Exercise that emphasizes stretching, strengthening, and cardiovascular has an important role in the improvement and continuing function of daily activities. The Arthritis Foundation sponsors research, educational programs, exercise programs, public awareness and advocacy efforts in Congress. Through their bimonthly magazine Arthritis Today, they keep people informed on new products, diet, exercise and medications.

Arthritis affects over 50 million people in the US and two-thirds are under the age of 65. Over 300,000 families deal with arthritis in children under the age of 16. The Arthritis Foundation has been fighting juvenile arthritis and supporting families for more than 60 years. Every year they invest more than $4.5 million in outreach and research that advances treatments and will lead to a cure. Four of our exercise classes are sponsored through the Arthritis Foundation: Tai Chi Mondays @ 2 in the PAC, Basic Water Aerobics on Tuesday/Thursdays at 9:30, Sit and Stand Class Tuesday/Thursdays in the PAC at 11 and our Walk with Ease Class offered twice a year. Interest in the Arthritis Foundation exercise programs brought Mary Hand to teach classes at Kirby Pines six years ago. Kirby Pines has since become a flagship organization for the Arthritis Foundation.

In support of the Arthritis Foundation, we are planning a Bake sale on May 23 from 9 to 2 and our own Walk to Cure here at Kirby Pines on May 30 at 10:30. We need your help with baked goods for the sale, volunteers to run the sale, and customers to purchase our delicious offerings. Then on the day of our walk we will need volunteers to help at our registration table and walkers to participate. We will have a course marked for around the lake and another course for inside walkers. Everyone who participates will be eligible for Door prizes, surprises, and refreshments. Please join with our family at Kirby Pines to support the Arthritis Foundation with financial gifts and physical support. This year we have a special invitation to join the Regional Walk to Cure Arthritis at the Redbird Stadium on Saturday morning, June 2nd. Last year Kirby Pines raised over $1000 for the Arthritis Foundation. What a difference we can make when we team up to Walk to Cure Arthritis!