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Change is a bad word to some—but to my wife and me it is a good word. Changing to Kirby Pines meant moving from an insecure place to one of security and safety. We are now independent.

Responsibility for our future care is now in our hands. The relief and comfort of the Life Care plan is very reassuring.

Life at Kirby Pines is filled with as much as we desire. There are so many activities on site that meet anyone’s ambitions. I love the greenhouse and garden areas. Gardening is a continued delight. Bad weather is no problem. Then I go to the Hobby Shop and craft wood pieces that I share with others.

Meanwhile my wife takes water aerobics in the pool, volunteers in the blossom shop, walks with a group, visits people in the manor and enjoys travel club outings.

As you can see, retirement is a busy time. So come early and enjoy the facility and staff that are unequaled.

We have become good friends and family with everyone. Kirby Pines is my HOME!

Dr. Charles and Laura Parrot


We believe that the Kirby Pines Retirement Community is about the nearest thing to Heaven on earth. It is Utopia and the Garden of Eden rolled into one. The residents are the nicest people that you will ever meet, the food is outstanding and there is always something going on that will keep you busy. When you move here, you are not a tenant, YOU ARE FAMILY.

George and Nancy Pence

We got to know Kirby Pines wonderful staff and residents during our visits to check on Connie’s parents. They were residents in an apartment at Kirby Pines for ten years until they passed away at the age of 96 in 2011. We learned from that experience that Kirby Pines is a very caring and loving community and that Life Care does work. We knew that down the road as we age we will be taken care of as a part of Kirby Pines Life Care community.

Retiring at age 65 in South Dakota, we were ready to head south and return to our Southern roots and family. In August of 2008, we moved into a beautiful Garden Home at Kirby Pines, along with our basset hound, Bogie. We now have wonderful neighbors who we consider part of our extended family. Our favorite thing is to camp and travel in our motor home. We can walk out the door, be gone for weeks at a time, and not have to worry about our yard and home. That is a great feeling. We also feel blessed that our children can enjoy their lives and not have to worry about us. We are enjoying our retirement years, love our home at Kirby Pines, and know whatever the future brings we will be cared for the rest of our lives.

Guy and Connie Carter


Kirby Pines is first and foremost a place of sharing the good times and the troublesome times. Among the residents and the staff, it is also a place of caring—a one for all and an all for one kind of place. Kirby is not for the older age of youth, but for a youth for old age.

John and Georgia Harkins

Kirby Pines was “hands down” my choice of retirement communities after spending a good deal of time checking and visiting others in Memphis.

On my visit to Kirby Pines I was so impressed with the friendliness of the residents. They all had a smile and hello as I walked the halls.

The food, programs, activities, size of the apartment rooms, the staff, on site medical care all offered a big “Come On”!

Topping all of these pluses was the beauty of Kirby Pines inside and out.

Jewel Crowson


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