Meet the Newest Residents

Marilyn Vennari is one our new residents here at Kirby Pines Retirement Community, moving here from Collierville. She is originally from Hardeman County Tennessee.

After graduating from high school as the Valedictorian, Marilyn came to Memphis to go to The Memphis School of Commerce and graduated in 1952 with an Executive Secretarial Certificate. She entered the business world at WHBQ Radio and Television. She was personnel Manager for 27 years. She also worked 8 years at Sears and 5 years at First Tennessee Home Loans.

Marilyn should find friends quickly here at Kirby who share similar interests and hobbies to hers. She likes reading, traveling, crossword puzzles and playing board games. Marilyn is also a sports fan, especially when the University of Memphis Tigers and Memphis Grizzlies are playing basketball.

To stay active, Marilyn likes to walk and she will find we have many paths to walk here at Kirby Pines Estates. We also have other type of exercising groups she may want to join. Staying involved in her church activities will keep Marilyn busy.

When you meet Marilyn give her a warm welcome to our retirement community and invite her to participate in some of our activities listed in the calendar in the Pinecone. We are glad she chose Kirby Pines Retirement as her new home!

– Marilyn Vennari


Have you met any of our new residents at Kirby Pines? Walter and Sandra Overbey are a fun loving couple that will be a good fit for our retirement community. They have moved to Kirby Pines from their home in Germantown,TN, but they have lived in many parts of the United States.

Walter graduated from Mississippi State and University of  South  Alabama majoring in accounting and finance. After getting his degrees, he went to work for International Paper and retired from there after 38 years. Sandra graduated from Mississippi Delta Junior College.

Sandra was a full time homemaker, raising their 3 children and now  they have 3 grandchildren to enjoy. This couple have been happily married for 55 years and their proudest accomplishment is the raising of their 3 wonderful children.

Walter was in the U.S. Navy and was assigned to Dallas Fort Worth, Hawaii, and California. He achieved the rank of Petty Officer-2nd.

You won’t ever hear Walter and Sandra talk about being bored. They enjoy playing golf, reading (Agatha Christie), daily exercising, playing cards and other games. They moved into Kirby Pines at the right time since Thanksgiving and Christmas are their favorite holidays. They also like music from the 50’s and 60’s, especially Elvis Presley.

You’ll want to seek out Walter and Sandra and give them a great big Kirby welcome. They will certainly enjoy our many enhancement  activities and enjoy being here at Kirby Pines Retirement community.

– Walter & Sandra Overbey

Married for 57 years, Bill and Nancy Douglas have moved to Kirby Pines from their home in Germantown. They are the proud parents of three children and they are blessed with five grandchildren.

They both went to The University of Memphis. Bill graduated in 1960 with a business major and became a real estate broker. He became vice president of Cooper Realty Company and retired after 42 years. He was named Realtor Emeritus for Realtor Service over 40 years. Nancy worked at Memphis Light Gas and Water, then later worked as a Mother’s Day Out Teacher for St. George’s Church.

Bill and Nancy enjoy golf, gardening, movies, reading, traveling and outings with the children and grandchildren. They’ll surely enjoy our “oldie but goodie” dances since they like music of the 50’s and 60’s.

Don’t be surprised if Bill and Nancy start telling you about their travels. They have traveled in Europe, the United States, Israel, the Greek Islands, and St. Johns.

This couple have been quite active in community organizations. Bill was president of the Germantown Charity Horse Show, member of Leadership Memphis, and active in St. George’s Episcopal Church. Nancy is a life member of the Germantown Women’s Club, the Suburban Garden Club, and Les Passes.

When you meet Bill and Nancy, you’ll find they are friendly, fun loving and anxious to meet new people. Extend to them a warm Kirby Pines welcome!

– Bill & Nancy Douglas


Merry is moving to Kirby Pines from Shea Downs in Collierville, TN. She has lived much of her adult life in Miami, Florida. (We need to check with Merry to find out how  she likes our Memphis winter weather.) She received her Bachelors and Masters degrees from The University of Miami. She worked in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools for 25 years. Merry is very proud that she went back to school in her 30’s to earn her advanced degrees. After earning these degrees she went on to work as a counselor and in administration with impaired students.

Taking dance lessons beginning at 3 years old has carried over to Merry’s adult life. She had to give up tap dancing but she has already joined Kirby’s line dancers.  She should be a good one! Merry also likes the music of Frank Sinatra and Count Basie so she should enjoy the monthly dances with the oldie but goodie sounds.

When you meet Merry, she’ll probably bend your ear with a few tales about her Siamese cat, Lili.

This busy lady has managed to squeeze in a little travel during her busy life.  She has made it to several of the western states and she has taken a cruise to The Bahamas.

Surely, you’ll want to meet Merry, and when you do, tell her how glad you are that she and Lili chose Kirby Pines for their retirement home.

– Merry LeShane

Married for 58 years, Evelyn and her late husband, James have two daughters and two granddaughters.  The McMillan’s lived in Franklin, TN and Evelyn has moved to Kirby Pines from her home in Germantown, TN.

Evelyn worked as an office manager for J. Gary Owen dental office for 12 years.  She studied accounting and office management at Colombia State.

Evelyn’s late husband was a U.S. Army veteran, serving much of his time in Germany.  They traveled to many European countries and to most of the states including Alaska and Hawaii.  But, their best trip was in 2014 when the whole family went to Hawaii together.

Gardening, reading, involvement with children, camping, traveling, American Cancer Society volunteer, and church work are just a few of the things Evelyn does to keep from being bored.  For sure she will find many Kirby Pine’s life enhancement activities to keep her busy.

Holiday gatherings were a favorite family tradition that Evelyn remembers.  She will certainly enjoy her first Christmas at Kirby as she includes her family in our celebrations and makes new traditions.

Full of energy and always ready to go is how Evelyn’s friends describe her. She will certainly fit in and be right at home as she makes more Kirby friends.

You’ll want to find Evelyn and welcome her to Kirby Pines. We are so happy she chose our home for her home!

– Evelyn McMillan

Ragland 1

Moving to Kirby Pines Retirement Community from the Memphis area, Rae is a proud mother and grandmother. She has three children and nine grandchildren.

She went to Eastern New Mexico and Baylor Medical University earning her B.S., M.S., and P.H.D. degrees. She worked as a clinical psychologist,

personal trainer and biochemist at various institutions. Later she was self-employed in her private practice.

Rae’s travels have taken her in many directions.  She spent time in South America (She lived for a time in Cale, Colombia.), Spain, Switzerland, and Russia.  Her favorite destination was the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Equador. While traveling she added to her collection of rocks, shoes and French yellow glass.

Dr. Ragland has many accomplishments but she is the proudest of her pilot’s license.

After reading about Dr. Ragland, you’ll certainly want to look her up and welcome her to Kirby Pines.  She will fit in quite well to our many enhancement activities since she has interest in gardening, reading, crocheting, dancing, yoga, and she conducts dog obedience training.

– Dr. Rae Ragland

You’ll want to meet one of Kirby Pines newest residents, Rosalind Edwards. She has 3 children: one daughter living in Memphis and a son and daughter living in Colorado. Rosalind and her husband, Billy, were married 54 years before he passed away in 2015.

Rosalind worked more than 15 years as an accounting clerk and bookkeeper for CPA firms.

Traveling brings much pleasure to Rosalind. She has enjoyed traveling throughout the United States. Her trips have included most of the states and parts of Canada.

The life enhancement opportunities here at Kirby Pines will provide ways for Rosalind to stay busy. She enjoys walking, working puzzles, playing games, reading, and crocheting. She will also be looking for an opportunity to travel some more as she continues to take an active part in her church’s various ministries

Rosalind will find many residents to share her sports enthusiasm as she cheers on the Tigers of the University of Memphis, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the St. Louis Cardinals.

You’ll certainly want to find Rosalind and get acquainted. You’ll find she is a very caring and supportive friend. She’ll fit in to our warm friendly atmosphere here at Kirby Pines.

– Rosalind Edwards

Edwards 2
Hickey 2

Dr. Thomas Sterling Hickey, recently moved to Kirby Pines from his home in Memphis. Tom’s son is deceased. He has 2 stepdaughters and is the proud grandparent to six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He was married to his late wife, Sherry, for 40 years.

Tom is a clinical psychologist. He received his BBA from SMU and his PHD from Vanderbilt. He taught at the University of Arkansas and Centenary College. He retired from the Memphis Police Department. Since 1994 until the present, Tom has been consulting with small police departments.

Establishing the new psychological program for the Memphis Police Department in 1976 stands out as Tom’s proudest accomplishment. Earlier, while working with the East Arkansas Mental Health Center, Dr. Hickey was elected President of the Arkansas Psychological Association.

Dr. Hickey served in the U.S Naval Reserve and earned the rank of Lieutenant, serving at various east coast naval air stations.

Tom has traveled to Europe, South America and all fifty states. He plays saxophone in the Memphis Wind Symphony and at St George’s Episcopal Church. Besides his love of music, he enjoys yoga, ping pong, and golf. When time allows, he follows his Arkansas Razorbacks.

You won’t want to miss getting to know our new resident. Tom is very friendly and caring and, as you might guess, he is a good listener. We are so glad Tom chose Kirby Pines for his home. Welcome!

– Dr. Thomas Hickey

Have you had a chance to meet Ann Morton? Ann has chosen Kirby Pines as her retirement home, moving here from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Ann went to SMU and Centenary College, earning her BA in 1969. She went on to become a flight attendant with Braniff Airlines and holds the title of the “World’s Oldest Living Airline Hostess.”

Ann and Howard Morton were married for 42 years. Howard died in 2015. He had served in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot for 25 years, becoming a Lieutenant Colonel before retiring.

Of course, if you’re an airline hostess, you’re going to travel. Ann traveled in South America, the Orient, and Europe. Her favorite destinations were Istanbul and Spain.

One could name many collectables before you would guess what Ann collects.  Maybe I should keep it a secret and have Ann tell you when you meet her. As a hint, her unusual collectables begins with a W and ends with an S.

Being from Fayetteville, Arkansas, you can correctly assume Ann is a University of Arkansas fan. You’ll probably find Ann rooting for her Razorbacks on most Saturday afternoons during football season.

This month, we’ll be celebrating Ann’s favorite holiday,Thanksgiving. We can assure Ann she’ll enjoy all the good seasonal foods served here at Kirby Pines as well as the many holiday traditions observed during the holiday season. Thanksgiving is just the beginning. You’ll want to find Ann and give her a warm welcome to Kirby Pines Retirement Community.

Margaret Ann Morton

Morton 2

Maxie and Jerry Dunnam have arrived at their “Happy Place.” They chose Kirby Pines for the beautiful trees, flowers and the total ambience we have here. But I’m sure when you meet the Dunnams, you’ll come to the same conclusion as I did. Any place they are is a “Happy Place.”

Married for 60 years, they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Maxie received his BA from Southern Mississippi and his Masters of Divinity from Emory University. Jerry went to Georgia State University.

Maxie has certainly earned his place in the “Who’s Who” of the United Methodist Church. He started preaching when he was 19 years old, served as a United Methodist Minister for 64 years, started 3 new churches in Georgia, Mississippi and California, was world editor of The Upper Room, was President of Asbury Theological Seminary, was Senior Pastor of Christ United Methodist Church here in Memphis (1982-1994) and presently Maxie is the full-time Minister at Large at Christ United Methodist Church. For most of Maxie’s ministry he has had a full-time assistant by his side, Jerry Dunnam. When Maxie speaks of his ministry, it is always “We.” These two talented and dedicated people have accomplished so much in their church and community lives, it would take a book to tell you about them. This is a couple you will surely want to find and give them a tremendous welcome. They will fascinate you with stories of their many travels and experiences. We are so thrilled they chose Kirby Pines to be their “Happy Place!”

– Maxie & Jerry Dunnam

The Dunhams
The Callaways

If you have been going to the Kirby Pines ballroom dances, you have probably enjoyed the dancing of two of our newest residents, Gene (Twinkle Toes) Callaway and his wife Sara. Since retiring from the Memphis City Schools as a teacher and principal, Gene has taken up oil painting and tap dancing. He also plays the piano and continues to do some interesting geneology work for the Callaway Family Assn. Inc. Sara also stays busy playing duplicate bridge, doing beautiful needle point, reading historical books and serving as a hostess at the Dixon Gallery.

Married for 50 years next month, Gene and Sara moved to Kirby from Germantown. Gene received his BS and MA degrees from Memphis State. Sara received her BS degree from Blue Mountain College, then went on to earn her MA at Memphis State. Gene worked for 34 years at various schools as a teacher and principal in the Memphis City Schools. Sara began her teaching experience in Hardeman County, moving to Memphis to serve as a guidance counselor at Fairview Jr. High, Central H.S, and Melrose H.S.
During the Korean War Gene served in the U.S Air Force, reaching the rank S/SGT. He was stationed at various posts in the U.S. and in 1951-52 was assigned as a K-13 in Suwon Korea.

You will enjoy getting to know this couple, Gene is very quiet and reserved yet very friendly and Sara is quite dignified, the epitome of a southern lady. From this short resume of The Callaways, you know right away the many ways they will fit into our Kirby Pines Retirement Community lifestyle.

– Gene & Sara Callaway

Roy and Mary Ann didn’t have far to go on moving day, just 3 miles from their former home to Kirby Pines. They are already very pleased being here, no more big house yard work and chores to do.

Roy was born in Columbus, Georgia and Mary Ann and was born in Conway, Arkansas. They have been married for 49 years and have 3 children, 3 grandchildren, 3 step-grandchildren, and 4 step-great-grandchildren.

Roy graduated from Georgia Tech in 1959 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management and went to work for Shoemaker Financial as a CPA and retired after 25 years. Mary Ann graduated from Hendrix College in 1959 and became Office Manager/Partner in Performance Systems, Inc. She retired after 30 years and enjoyed her career very much.

Now that the Thurmonds have retired, it is time for some leisure activities. Roy mentioned walking and bike riding and I do mean serious bike riding like week-long rides and MS-150 mile rides. Mary Ann will have more time to work with her father’s photographs and her mother’s writings about Rohwer, a Japanese Relocation Camp in Arkansas during World War II. An Arkansas historian has created a traveling exhibit using her parent’s work along with her research. The exhibit has hung at the Memphis Botanic Garden and is now on display in Little Rock.

Make it a priority to find Roy and Mary Ann and get them involved in some of the life enhancement opportunities here at Kirby Pines. They are an energetic couple with much to offer to our community.

Roy & Mary Ann Thurmond

The Thurmonds
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