When you know it’s time, and you need help to make the best decisions.

You are on a mission to find just the right memory care facility. By now you have probably talked with the physicians, read the books and looked at some websites. What do you do next?

We believe that at the heart of a provider is its mission.

Job’s Way Memory Care Residence was inspired as a continuation of the mission of Kirby Pines Estates Retirement Community to provide services to all the residents on our campus.

We have learned through the years families want to know we understand how to take care of their loved ones.

The environment is secure, specially designed by dementia experts to reduce the risk of danger from wandering. The hallways and other design features are usually color-coded to assist with navigation and reduce anxiety in residents. A safe environment also encourages residents to remain independent for as long as possible.

In addition to leisure programs, therapeutic programs that address memory impairment, wandering and other common dementia behaviors help improve quality of life for residents.

Knowing that your loved one has trained 24-hour care gives families peace of mind and helps relieve the caregiving burden.

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